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Interim Manager

Your risk-free management resource.

Plugging the gaps in your top level quickly with advanced skills, without the risk of long-term contracts. Phil Baldey fills C-Level executive roles when you need it, for as long as you need it.

Interim Management Services

Phil Baldey offers interim management services delivering unrivalled outcomes to companies with $10 million plus in revenue. By combining strategic management, sales expertise and knowledge of diverse markets, Phil helps high-achieving businesses across New Zealand to not only retain trading continuity, but surpass growth expectations.

Phil is available to cover a range of high-level roles including:

Interim CEO Services

Short-term cover or deputy for the CEO in times of transition or external stress. No need to rush new appointments.

Contract Executive

Interim executive or C-level professional to help fill gaps in your company during times of transition or change. Short or long-term.

Project Management

Assisting you to make strategic decisions, direct staff, keep projects on track and understand financial implications.


Add an external viewpoint to offer rigour and challenge to your existing strategy, or to assist in developing a new way forward.

Senior Leadership Team Mentor

Put a ‘cat amongst the pigeons’. Get the team to take a hard look at itself. Assist the team to transition where needed.

Maternity Leave & Illness Cover

Interim cover for senior staff away on maternity or extended sick leave. Hire someone who can hit the ground running.

No fishhooks, no contracts, just guaranteed good results.

How Interim Management Works

Working as a contractor/advisor Phil Baldey maintains several non-conflicting clients at any one time, demonstrating proven business growth across many different sectors and global markets.

Phil will undertake your work remotely, as well as on-site when required, and will remain accessible to your business throughout the interim period while teaching you how not to major in minor emergencies.

Advantages of Interim Management:

  • Avoid the limitations of employment agreements
  • Access expert skills on a part-time basis
  • Flexibility with the brief and required skillset
  • No need for rushed senior staff appointments
  • Expert advice and cross-sectoral knowledge
  • Experience in diverse business practices
  • Identify problems and solutions quickly
  • Independent and objective advice
  • Flexibility of hours
  • Ease of termination

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About Phil Baldey

Phil has a vast array of business experience and has been delivering management consulting and mentoring since 1996. During Phil’s extensive experience in the corporate and entrepreneurial worlds, he identified that a lack of objectivity is the primary barrier to good decision making.

Phil is an expert in identifying barriers to business growth by reducing the cost of sales and/or expenses, adapting business structure, refining processes, changing the culture to a more enjoyable and sustainable one, and improving efficiency/effectiveness gains.

The businesses that endure and thrive in this challenging environment will be those with resilience, great leadership, a clear strategic direction and key relationships which provide options. They will be the businesses that understand profit is the outcome of doing things right, and Phil drives profitable outcomes.

If you require the services of an interim CEO, Deputy CEO, Head/National Sales Manager, Marketing Manager, Business Development Manager or Change Manager, arrange a discovery call with Phil to discuss your requirements.

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Improving business and growing revenue through strategic management advice and sales training, Phil Baldey is an experienced business consultant & sales advisor.

He focuses on getting results for entrepreneurs, directors, CEOs and senior management, both within New Zealand and globally. To learn more about his other services visit his website.